HOLD THE PENDULUM with your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. Be sure you have all three fingers on the ring. This is due to the electrical polarity of your fingers. By using all three fingers, you are connecting with positive, negative and neutral (grounding) electrical polarity. Be sure that you are holding the O-Ring at the top only and that your grip is not interfering with the action of the smaller jump ring immediately below it. Now turn your hand so that the pendulum can hang freely away from the inside of your hand (palm down, parallel to the floor). Relax your other two fingers and allow them to find a comfortable, effortless position.

CLOCKWISE ROTATION of your pendulum indicates a POSITIVE response. This means that whatever you are testing has a GOOD energy field that is CONVATIBLE with life force energy. When you are testing, suspend the pendulum within an inch of the subject you are testing. Make sure that nothing else is touching it. If you hold the item in your hand, you are then testing its COMPATIBILITY with you. So to test your vitamins, for example, you would hold them in your hand. Remember that your fingers give off alternating electrical currents of positive and negative energy. So when holding an item, turn your hand palm down and test over the back of your hand, AWAY FROM YOUR FINGERS. You may test your supplements by holding the bottle or putting some individual tablets in your hand. Try it both ways and see which works better for you.

COUNTER-CLOCKWISE ROTATION of your pendulum indicates a NEGATIVE response USUALLY DUE TO AN ENERGY INTERFERENCE making the item INCOMPATIBLE ATTHAT MOMENT. This incompatible status may change if you make a change. This is valuable to know, especially when testing nutritional supplements. If your B vitamins test negative, for example, it may be because you just took another supplement that would cause a temporary energy interference with the B vitamins you are testing. Maybe the energy of the other supplement would negate the beneficial effects you would otherwise get from your B vitamins.

Or maybe it would cause such an energy interference, that it could elicit a negative response from you. Many people notice that if they take several supplements at the same time, they get ahead ache or have some other symptom. Another example would be if you are testing your B vitamins and you have not eaten for a couple of hours so that your stomach is empty. Chances are that the vitamins will test negative. If you eat something and then retest, there is a good possibility that your B vitamins will then give you a positive, compatible response. By this testing, you will notice that many of the vitamin, mineral or herbal supplements that you may have been taking work better when taken alone, between meals, with meals or at another time of the day. You will soon see a pattern that you can then follow without checking.

A NEUTRAL swing, characterized by a back and forth movement means just that -- neutral. You will probably not derive any benefit from the item you are testing, when testing for compatibility. However, IF YOU ARE TESTING THE BODY OF A PERSON OR ANIMAL, a healthy response is the neutral swing. If you get a negative response over the body, there is a chronic, deep-set condition in that area. If you get a positive response, there has been a recent injury or problem in that area, which is being remedied successfully.

COMBINATION RESPONSES OF POSITIVE & NEGATIVE may be indicative of energy that is in the process of changing. If you are testing for compatibility in taking your vitamins and you get this type of reading, it may be because you just ingested something --a food or supplement that your body is adjusting to. Wait a couple of minutes and retest.


In either of the above cases, remember that energy fluctuates with living things constantly.

Also, remember that the pendulum follows your thoughts. So you need to focus on what you are doing. Many people find that thinking of a question helps them focus. For example, you might hold your Vitamins in your hand and ask, "Do I need this right now?" Your body's energy field will respond to its needs -- EVEN IF YOU ARE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! If your thoughts are scattered, the response of the pendulum will be scattered. So think of a question.

TIP: When using the pendulum, do not cross your legs, feet, or hands, etc. This affects your energy flow and will hamper your readings.

EXERCISE: To illustrate the polarity of your fingers, hold the pendulum in your dominant hand and put your other hand on the table. Spread your fingers and suspend the pendulum (within '/2inch) of each finger near the nail. Note that some of your fingers are positive (clockwise response), and that some are negative. Technically, if your fingers are correct and your body's electrical switchboard is basically in good order, you will get the following: the thumb should be neutral; the index finger, negative-, the middle finger, positive; the ring finger, negative; and the little finger, positive, So we see an alternating current. If your fingers don't follow this pattern, chances are the electrical "switchboard" located in your spine is the problem. I find that this usually means that a spinal adjustment by a good chiropractor or osteopath will solve the problem, and you will usually see the change reflected in your fingers if you retest.

EXERCISE: While standing or sitting, suspend the pendulum in front of your chest. Let the flow of energy from your body's energy field push the pendulum out away from your body until the pendulum comes to a comfortable stop. Note how far the pendulum is away from your body. This is the extent of your field. Dr. Parcells research shows what the Chinese and Japanese healers have always known -- that a healthy person has an extensive energy field. The work of these healers has demonstrated that a person with an extensive field will have more physical energy and a better state of wellness. Because your energy field follows your thoughts, you can see the affect of your thinking on your health! You can also focus on a situation to see your body's response to that situation. Your body's energy field can help you with some decision-making! If your field expands when concentrating on a situation, the answer is positive. If your field contracts, and your pendulum ends up close to your body, the answer is negative. The affect of the situation would be incompatible with your health and well being.

SUGGESTIONS: Test everything in sight! Practice, practice, practice. The more you use your pendulum, the more sensitized you will become to its response. At first, it may barely move, if at all. Be persistent. Keep checking things. Soon you will find something whose energy is very apparent to you. It could be your jewelry, your supplements, your plants, etc… Don't forget to test carpets, floors, wallpaper, and the walls themselves -- especially if someone in your home is sick a lot or suffers from allergies chronically. Their immune system may be compromised by something in the house that is giving off negative, incompatible energy. This testing can help you find the source of the problem.

Remember that energy is a part of everything, both living and non-living. The more things in your environment that are positive and compatible with your field, the higher your energy. Negative energy in your environment eventually affects your field and ultimately your body.

If you would like to learn more about how to get a healthy energy field and learn more about Dr. Parcells work in using the pendulum, feel free to contact me, I am enclosing a brochure on the classes that I teach here in Albuquerque that empower you with Dr. Parcells methods of evaluation and healing.

You may contact me at 505-293-3771. Good luck and congratulations on the first step into a new adventure of discovery!!!

Terry Kast

Student of Dr. Parcells from 1978 through 1991

& Teacher of the Parcells Method of Healing